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Five tricky ways of Playing Slotomania

Playtika’a Slotomania is one of the most famous slot games played on mobile devices. This game provides an authentic feel of spinning the wheel of fortune in a lavish casino of Vegas. Players ought to get amazed by the high level of upgrade in the slot machines to keep the gamer engaged, from the start, and till he/she ends the level. In Slot o mania, the player can get through different levels without spending a dime as they have their resource full with the freebies disbursed to them after accomplishing a level. These goodies include free spins, coins, and good chances to progressive jackpots to shoot up to new levels and face new challenges.

Slot o mania does not go by conventional poker games’ policies, as it greets players with new slot machines led by different challenges and targets. Even more, this game incorporates more good designs and attractive colors for upping the appearance and look to spruce up the game. However, if you are still looking for new possibilities in the game Slot o mania, and have less than 5 dollars to spend on coins and upgrade, this blog is for you. Here are the five ways a player can be at the top his/her Slot o mania rank-table without spending out much from their pocket.

Five tricky ways to play Slot o mania

  1. Look for quests – A player should look for pop-ups that feature quests and immediately claim them. Quests come with a time limit, within which one has to play to earn a generous amount of coins at the end.
  2. Explore various slot machines – Slot o mania offers its players various slot machines to play on as each machine differs on the prize amount. A player has to choose between the options and zero in on a machine that works on low bets and recharges your coin bank daily. One should never focus on the ones that spin on higher bids and end up losing all coins.
  3. Play on low bets – Start with a low bet but do not make the lowest bid as the prizes aligned with them are pretty low and won’t serve your purpose. Therefore it is safe to roll your dice on low amounts rather than lose the entire reserve in just 10 minutes. High bets can strip you out of all your rewards and coins mercilessly, yielding almost the same results. Setting your faith in small amounts would mean having chances of winning big without losing a fortune.
  4. Redeem prizes and save the Piggy Bank for last – Piggy Bank can be the treasure trove while you play your game. With an exchange of an extremely reasonable price of $3, a player can break out thousands of free coins from the bank after the weekends. However, it is advised to players to be a bit more patient so that more coins are accumulated by the end of the week.
  5. Connect with friends on Facebook to win real cash – Connect with your fellow players through Facebook to earn and share free coins and spins to win levels and reach new milestones in Slot o mania.