Trading in the BCH-USD Pair – Market Trends and Analysis

BitCoin Cash USD Pair

The cryptocurrency industry has been flourishing rapidly in the market with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. On one side, the traditional currencies are taking a dip; the crypto equivalents are working miracles. If we speak about Bitcoin Cash and its traditional equivalent Dollar, we can analyze that every day 1 Bitcoin Cash is traded at an amount in USD, which is more than the previous day’s closure. Today, trading in BTC-USD is one of the most successful investment ventures flourishing in the market.

However, before you outlined in dealing with the pair, you need to ensure that you understand everything about this crypto asset.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is the trade derivative which derives its origin from Bitcoin Classic. Introduced in August 2017, it can easily increase blocks’ size, thereby processing more transactions in one go. In the mining process, the miners verify each transaction and add them to the public ledger. It is the same process that releases new Bitcoins in the market.

What is the Bitcoin Cash/US Dollar Trade Pair all about?

Let us now delve deeper into the understanding of the pair. The BCH/USD pair is the market indicative of the barter system, wherein the base currency is BCH or Bitcoin Cash, and the counter currency or the fiat currency is USD. Simply put, this indicates the price of 1 BCH in USD equivalent. As we pen down this article, the current price of 1 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is $274.23 (USD). This also indicates the strength of BCH in terms of USD.

How is Bitcoin Cash mined?

Bitcoin cash is typically mined in two ways:

  • Mining of the blocks
  • Addition of new transactions into the blocks.

Let us now delve deeper into the mining process:

Mining of the blocks

  • This is the first stage for mining Bitcoin cash. In this stage, the miners use their analytical and computing skills to search for new blocks.
  • They then add the new blocks in the blockchain.
  • All the miners have to abide by the “proof of work” protocol.
  • The miners who discover new blocks are rewarded handsomely. Currently, the reward is as high as 12.5 Bitcoin Cash, along with other incentives.

Addition of new transactions into the blocks

  • This is the second stage that involves adding new blocks into the existing ones.
  • The miners responsible for discovering the new blocks become temporary dictators of the blocks and charge fees for adding the transactions into such blocks.
  • Miners cannot send Bitcoin Cash to each other physically. The transaction has to be added to the blockchain.

The BCH/USD Pair Trends

It is worthy to note that both Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash use the same hashing Algorithm, SHA256. This indicates a competitive streak between the miners over the same hashing power. However, Bitcoin cash is a more profitable venture when it comes to trading in USD. While BCH’s increasing price in Dollars indicates the decline of the USD, it also points at the fact that Bitcoin Cash is gaining strength with every day.

This is probably why the BCH/USD pair has been a booming perspective and shows a tremendous price rally. It is one of the steadiest market instruments which allure every investor to try their luck in it. Bitcoin cash holds the second-highest trading volume in 24 hours currently. Standing at $1.2 billion and encourages the mining trends in a positive stride.

The final words

Mining and trading on Bitcoin Cash through its dollar equivalent is a comparatively profitable task contrary to popular belief. With a few processes and formalities, you can easily trade-in Bitcoin cash and reap amazing benefits in a few extra USD. So, without waiting further, take you to plunge right away!