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The Naked Truth About The Oil Trading Salary

The Naked Truth About The Oil Trading Salary



The Holy Book says “those who do not work should not eat”. This is a call for hard work so as to earn a living. One of the best industries to be in is the oil industry. Be involved in any part of the oil trading and be sure of earning a salary.


Apart from the oil traders, the other people who get their salary from oil trading are,

  1. Offshore drillers- these are people who oversee the drilling operations and control the speed of drilling.
  2. Petroleum Geologists- these are people/scientists who deal with the discovery and extraction of oil. They inform the company where to drill and why.
  3. Pipeline Engineers- these are people who sketch and install the network of pipes that are used to transport oil deposits.
  4. Risk Managers- The oil industry is volatile. This necessitates for expertise to advise the businesses on any potential risks which may come their way and have plans to mitigate them.
  5. Refining Engineers
  6. Drilling Consultants
  7. Completion Engineers


Oil Traders

These are commodity traders who buy and sell crude oil on behalf of another. They also sell oil futures and options for those who want to buy a certain amount of a predetermined date in the given future.


Their clients include investment firms, private businesses, energy companies, or any other organization with an interest in acquiring large chunks of oil. They also act as a brokerage for those who want small quantities.


With a masculinity culture, success is all that matters. It is mostly measured by monetary achievements. Let’s look at a verified fact of oil trading salaries. 


The national average salary for an Oil Trader is $203,758 in the United States. Salary estimates are based on 4 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Oil Trader employees. This is a report done by a USA company called glassdoor


It can’t be any worst with you, all you need to do is learn what moves crude oil, understand the crowd, and then pick your venue. Then start getting decent earnings.