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A Brief Synopsis of BitCoin Cash Right from Its Inception

BitCoin Cash

Right from the time of its advent back in the year 2017, Bitcoin Cash is the town’s talk. As we are likely to complete over three amazing years of this revolutionary crypto asset, let us take you through a brief synopsis of the same.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin cash found its origin due to user-activated hard fork or the UAHF. It is a token that divides the Bitcoin blockchain into two major categories. The Bitmain initially announced it as a contingency plan to combat the user-activated soft fork or the UASF. However, with time, it has become the future of the Bitcoin industry.

Right after the projected announcement of this crypto asset, Amaury Sechet, a reputed BTC developer, announced the Bitcoin ABC model. This model comprised of the Adjustable Blocksize Cap. It is after this announcement that the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) found its existence. A few major differences between BTC and BCC are as follows:

  • Increment in Blocksize Limit – following the announcement of Bitcoin Cash, the block size limit increased to 8 MB.
  • Wipeout and Replay Protection – BCC can easily allow the peaceful and safe coexistence of two simultaneous chains. It even minimizes user disruption and provides replay and wipeout protection.
  • New Transaction type – To cater to the replay protection system, BCC has introduced a new way of signing the transactions. Such technology was introduced to provide additional benefits, including eliminating the quadratic hashing issue and an improved hardware wallet security by input value signing.

BCC can efficiently assist the other members of the crypto industry. Hence, clients, including Bitcoin Classic, ABC, and Unlimited and other industry members, including exchanges and miners, have supported it whole-heartedly. As an added advantage towards hash rate supporting a chain, the developers have also introduced a slow mining difficulty reduction algorithm.

Support from Exchange and Mining

Right from the time of its inception, the market has been quite steady for the Bitcoin Cash. The token has seen a steady trade within the range of $450-550. has always reported a future trading scope for the asset. It has also seen a whopping jump of $900 within a few days of release.

Two other reputed Exchanges, namely Livecoin and Okcoin, have also registered the trading of BCC. Many other such Exchanges are expected to follow suit.

Obtain Bitcoin Cash?

Obtaining Bitcoin Cash is quite simple. You should remove your coins from any third party site and put the same in your wallet. Feel free to catch the progress news of BCC on its official site right away.