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Celebrations Ahoy – House of Fun Facebook Fan Page is 4 Million Strong!

House of Fun has crossed 4 million likes on the Facebook page, and its a milestone achieved yet again. The game now has been more popular than ever before, and its a celebration time with loads of gifts and rewards. The rising number of likes and followers does not come as a surprise, as this game has garnered immense popularity in the last few years, which has grown manifold in the time of this pandemic. People who were in a fix on how they would overcome the entire lockdown period without any public meetings and gathering have sought this game, and the result is here.

House of Fun, the king of Sloto Games, keeps rewarding their fans and followers with rewards and unexpected twists to keep them hooked. This time it is no different, and with the remarkable event of hitting 4 million likes on Facebook, the surprises are even more significant. Fans can’t keep their calm and are on cloud nine with this announcement. The mail inboxes are flooded with messages from the fans requesting the authority to spill the beans and let them out of the bag. To keep up the hype among the fans, the makers have organized a poll so that fans can comment and predict what surprises are there in store.

The celebratory freebies from the House of Fun Fanpage

Finally, the goodies are out, and all the followers and fans of House of Fun are going berserk over it. Let’s take a look at the freebies, offers, and the twist of events.

  • Say hello, to the new slot machine Riches of OZ launched newly for the millions of supporters. A family that is 3.6 million strong.
  • The new exciting 3D slots are introduced for all the lovers of this electrifying game. Every level of this game brings along the chance of winning progressive jackpots with assured gifts and bonus rewards.
  • Get the chance to meet all the brains behind your favorite game, and learn several unknown facts. Make use of the chance to get all your queries answered from the founders whose brainchild is taking all Slot lovers by storm.
  • Ardent players of House of Fun Slot games will love the newest addition in the list of games, i.e., Crown of India. Be prepared to get bombarded with a host of freebies, jackpots, and coin prizes as payouts for endless entertainment.


House of Fun has another avenue for all its supporters and fans to reach out to them, and that is another popular platform Instagram. Even at this forum, House of Fun is catching up real soon, with 28K followers in their kitty, they have several pretty pictures posted n their wall. Follow this page to get free coins in every spin and chance to win additional rewards. Make sure you avail the rewards and redeem the bonuses to claim free spins and points by clicking on to the link mentioned in the bio section of their Instagram page.