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Top 8 Highest Paying Oil Trading Jobs

Top 8 Highest Paying Oil Trading Jobs

A good analysis is required in every decision any human makes. This ranges from choosing a marriage partner, housing decisions, relocation and now more so ever a career that suits you.


You cannot be a successful person if you are “ Jack of all trades”, hence we shall examine one of the major sectors of the world’s economy which is oil trading. Oil is one of the most traded commodities and therefore is a source of employment to many in a variety of departments. We shall have a close look at the people who have their vocation in the oil trade.


The well-paying oil trading jobs are:

  1. Offshore Drillers
  2. Petroleum Geologists
  3. Pipeline Engineers
  4. Risk Managers
  5. Refining Engineers
  6. Drilling Consultants
  7. Completion Engineers
  8. Oil Traders


Offshore Drillers 

These are people who oversee the drilling operations and control the speed of drilling. To work offshore, you must pass an offshore survival and firefighting course, also known as emergency response training, or basic offshore induction and emergency training (BOSIET).


Petroleum Geologists 

These are people/scientists who deal with the discovery and extraction of oil. They inform the company where to drill and why. They put skills in biology, physics, geology, and chemistry. Its a science of sciences that pays off well.


Pipeline Engineers

These are people who sketch and install the network of pipes that are used to transport oil deposits. They develop design and diagrams related to pipelines. They also identify repair, analyze mitigative actions’ effectiveness.


Risk Managers 

The oil industry is volatile. This necessitates for expertise to advise the businesses on any potential risks which may come their way and have plans to mitigate them. They identify, measure, and evaluate different types of risks that can affect the oil business. Afterward, use the following techniques to manage risk.


  • Avoidance 
  • Reduction 
  • Sharing 
  • Retention 

Oil Traders

These are commodity traders who buy and sell crude oil on behalf of another. They also sell oil futures and options for those who want to buy a certain amount of a predetermined date in the given future.


Their clients include investment firms, private businesses, energy companies, or any other organization with an interest in acquiring large chunks of oil. They also act as a brokerage for those who want small quantities.


The best oil trading job is one of an oil trader. This is because there are no many legal formalities required. Just find a good online oil trading group, have some basic investment skills and you are good to start. Oil Trading Group.