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Money Management 





Money management is key for anyone interested in trading. The key to money management is not trading on emotion, but rather trading with logic and data. 

Greed and despair can affect the way a trader moves money around, which can then affect his or her profits.

The best way to protect against this is to practice good money management.

This starts way before choosing which currency to buy on the forex market: the first step is to know how much money to risk and where to invest it. 

One of the most important things for a trader to do is to diversify trades. Diversification is simply putting money in multiple currencies.

Instead of putting all of their money in one currency, a trader should put small amounts of their money into many different currencies. 

This helps protect the trader from losing everything on one bad trade. With diversification, if one currency does not work out there are still other trades in other 

currencies that might turn a profit. 

However, diversification doesn’t have to mean investing in many different currencies

Most of the time, diversification is more about a trader’s money than his or her trades.

By putting in only a small amount of money in a trade, a trader can keep most of his or her assets if the trade doesn’t pan out. This way, the trader can have enough money to trade on a different currency if one doesn’t work.

 It’s like dropping money into a piggy bank: coins are dropped in one at a time, not all at once.

 If a trader trades this way, he or she can avoid trading on emotion and risking everything because of it: instead, money comes in slowly, but a profit is made.